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LP-CNC4070 High-Precision CNC Automatic Roll To Roll Paper Sticker Foil Screen Printing Machine

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Product Detail

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    Mainly used for screen printing of PET, PVC, PC, B0PP film package and other materials. Apply sticker, transfer paper, special multi-long, self-adhesive label paper, labels nameplate nameplates, membrane switches and surface coating color, IMD, IML, and other package materials.

    * Home appliances and electronics industry: Electrical control membrane switch, nameplate, IMD, IML, remote control button, flexible circuit boards.

    * Communication information industry: Phone keypad, battery accessories,computers and peripheral equipment terminal label nameplate.

    * Garment and textile industry: Transfer printing in garment and textile.

    * Transportation industry: Maritime traffic police standard signs, containers, vehicles car stickers, car and motorcycle decorative stickers, etc.

    * Industrial equipment and instrument industry: Electronic switches, instrument panel labels.


    Technical Parameters: 

    Model  LP-CNC4070
    Max printing size(mm)  400*700
    Working table size(mm)  450*820
    Max frame size(mm)  700*1100
    Platform accuracy(mm)  ±0.01
    Precision fine-tuning(mm)  ±10
    Thickness of printing stock(mm)  0.1~0.4
    Feeding width(mm) 50~410  50~410
    Stroke (mm)  50~410
    Max printing speed(hr)  1800
    Power supply(v/kw)  380/18
    Machine size L*W*H (mm)  6800*1420*1950



    * Multicolor automatic tracking alignment, Mitsubishi PLC + Germany SK color sensor control system bit chromatic accurate, stable; automatic color detection, automatic stop if anomalies.

    * Printing automatic calculation, to set the number of automatic shutdown alarm.

    * Automatic shutdown alarm function with no material and machine fault.

    * Printing scraper with Japanese servo motor drive, back to Mexico, position and speed of printing can be separately and freely set and high-speed impact free, without climbing in low speed; back to the ink evenly, stable printing, printing clear consistent, it is not easy to appear chromatic aberration and the omission of outlets.

    * With automatic dust removal function, can automatically remove the dust on the printed matter, and effectively improve the qualified rate of products.

    * Provided off-grid function, follow the screen printing squeegee out of print, in the fast-running fine word outlets clear mission, easy to stick net suitable for printing large background pattern, glue and other special inks.

    * This machine is equipped with high-strength wear-resistant suction platform (¢ 1.0- ¢ 1.5 uniform suction holes; high-strength vortex vacuum pump, powerful vacuum adsorption) With manual and automatic suction, suction strength can be adjusted to ensure accurate multicolor overprint.

    * A separate scraper pressure regulator to ensure stable size squeegee pressure, increase the reduction of set-bit precision, stable and printed pattern. 

    * Using Japan CHUOSEIKI thousandth precision regulator, can adjust the electric eye precision (0.005mm).

    * The whole machine is equipped with safety protection device Automatic feeding machine.

    * Photoelectric + pendulum rod type control discharge, suitable for a variety of material feeding.

    * Frequency conversion motor drive feeding, photoelectric induction control speed, adjustable speed, to avoid the accumulation of material scraping. * Automatic stop alarm function.

    * Automatic discharging and receiving protective film device. Full automatic energy saving high efficiency drying machine. 

    * Automatic constant temperature IR heating, circulating hot air drying, automatic constant temperature, automatic coiling.

    * Dryer uses the silica gel roller shaft, the drying distance up to 45m.

    * Printing glue can choose to install air conditioning, complex centrifugal paper function device.

    * Dryer roller shaft using silica gel, can make the material in the baking without metal contact, to avoid the special downtime caused by the deformation of the printing material, improve the printing quality.

    * It can be installed to eliminate static function, to eliminate static electricity on the human body damage and prevent products from electricity and easy to dust, reduce the pollution of the product.

    * Hanging type drying design, make the product is heated evenly, fast drying is not easy to deformation, low power consumption, so as to save energy.

    1.Computer contraposition, accurate registration; 

    2.Automatic printing; 

    3.Humanized new operating concept;

    4.Automatic feeding;

    5.Automatic drying and collecting; 

    6.Intelligence failure alarm function; 


    Configuration instructions

    We will use equivalent brand if any sourcing short supply.

    * Japan’s Mitsubishi PLC + Germany SK color sensor control system bits. Taiwan Wei Lun touch screen known brand names.

    * Japan SMC vacuum generator, printing scraper move by Japan Panasonic servo motor drive.

    * Guide element – Japanese production precision mechanical transmission sliding block, Japan THK precision square linear guide.

    * Omron relay in the middle, Schneider AC contactor, the United States H.W.L induction switch, Taiwan airtic gas dynamic components, Germany Wago junction terminal.


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