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Large Format Industrial Glass Sheet Flatbed Screen Printing Machine

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Port: Shenzhen
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    Suitable for automobile side window glass, refrigerator glass, color glass, decorative glass, household appliances glass and other small and medium sized flat glass monochrome and color printing.

    汽车前玻璃丝印  汽车后玻璃丝印

    glass sheet screen printing


    ◆Electric vertical take-off and landing, non-slip lifting conveyor belt, fast and stable.

    ◆ Pneumatic off-grid system,make lift version of the speed, height can be adjusted.

    ◆Printing using linear guide variable frequency synchronous speed adjustment, combined with photoelectric switch control positioning, fast, precise positioning.

    ◆ With automatic feed, back feed function, can be connected to the drying line, ensure quality and improve production.

    ◆ Compact aluminum die casting, precision cylinder combinations Hard guide slider guide plate has a lift device, easy to replace and wash screen version.

    ◆ The angle of scraping and cover ink blade can be adjusted,

    ◆Mechanical arm mounting cylinder pneumatic off the net, effectively prevent the large area of printing products and printing paste version of the paste version, to ensure product quality.


    Model LP- GL6090A LP- GL8012A LP- GL8016A LP- GL8020A
    Max printing area 600*900mm 800*1200mm 800*1600mm 800*2000mm
    Min printing area 300*400mm 300*400mm 300*400mm 400*600mm
    Working table area 850*1200mm 1050*1500mm 1050*1900mm 1050*2300mm
    Max frame size 900*1400mm 1100*1700mm 1100*2100mm 1100*2500mm
    Thickness of printed matter 2.0~19mm 2.0~19mm 2.5~19mm 2.0~19mm
    Printing speed 300-360pcs/hour 300-320pcs/hour 260-300pcs/hour 180-240pcs/ hour
    Conveying height 900mm 900mm 900mm 900mm
    Suitable power supply Three-phase,AC380V,50HZ, Three-phase,AC380V,50Hz Three-phase,AC380V,50Hz Three-phase,AC380V,50Hz
    Power consumption 3.5Kw 4.5Kw 5.0Kw 7.0Kw
    Printing pressure 6kgf/c㎡ 6kgf/c㎡ 6kgf/c㎡ 40L/m @ 6kgf/c㎡
    Machine weight   About 800Kg About 1000Kg About 1300Kg About 1600Kg
    Machine szie ( L*W*H )mm 4420*1320*1700 5150*1560*1700 6350*1560*1700 7550*1560*1700


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