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How to do hot stamping on glass bottle?

screen printing and hot stamping machine for wine glass bottle

LP-F280 Fully Automatic Chain-Type Screen Printing And Hot Stamping Machine For Glass And Plastic Object.

Before hot stamping on glass bottle, it should be treated by flame unit and screen printing varnish as base layer of stamping. Without this layer, can’t do hot stamping on glass directly.

LP-F280 is a automatic production line, can do stamping around 20 pieces per minute continuously. This machine is suitable for olive oil factory, winery factory, glass bottle printing factory with a large quantity order.

If you just have a small quantity order and can’t invest much money. How can you do? You have choice to use semiautomatic production line. You should buy flame treatment unit machine, semi auto screen printing machine, ink curing machine and semi auto hot stamping machine.

When you have a very very small quantity order and many customized requirements from customer, how can you do? UV inkjet printer is a final choice.


Post time: Oct-23-2018

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