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LL-2513GS-16H High Print Dpeed UV Flatbed Digital Printer

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Supply Ability: 10 per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
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    LL-2513GS-16H High print speed UV flatbed digital printer



    High print speed with 83㎡/h, 16 print heads!

    ●Equipped with grey-scale print head, and 4 level grey printing is supported

    ●Standard printing speed: 83㎡/h

    ●Printing size: 2.5×1.3m/ 2.0×3.0m

    ●Multiple white printing modes are supported, and varnish could be also printed.

    ●Able to print color, white, and color at the same time


    UV flatbed printer is to replace the traditional printing machines, realized one-time printing work instead of whole traditional complicated process.

    UV printers can be widely used in glass, aluminum, wood board, polystyrene board, leather, polyurethane, foam board, plastic sheet, metal sheet, textile, wallpaper, bricks, ceramic tiles, etc. All of print work can be finished one time with simple operation and high profits, which will be a big fortune for your business.

    The printing speed could up to 83㎡ per hour. No one equipment can work so effectively if operated reasonably. The printing size of Printer LL-2500GS-16 is 2500x1300mm. It is stable to print all kinds of materials.



    Ricoh Gen5 print head

    F2500GS-16 is equipped with Ricoh Gen5 print head, which is composed with independent controlling panel, connecting wire and main head. The print head is equipped with all steel structure, 54mm physical printing length and high corrosion resistance. It is also possible to realize 24/7 continuous working. It could be up to 5 years if maintained well, 3 times more than the similar print heads.

    Imported servo motors

    Imported servo motors and belts ensure mechanical precision, long duration and environmentally friendly.

    High precision mute linear guide rail

    Imported linear guide rail ensures long service life and high stability, immensely decrease noise within 40db while printing.

    Anti-collision system of print head

    Equipped with unique anti-collision system for print head, it is easier to adjust for different media, and avoid any chance to damage print heads by any disoperations.

    German Igus drag chain

    Drag chains on X axis imported from Germany make it perfect to protect cables and tubes under high speed motion and reduce noises to the least.

    Static removal bar

    Static removal bar is applied to print materials with static, to improve product qualified rate and life time.

    Sectional vacuuming platform

    Sectional vacuuming by switching vacuuming area is suitable for all kinds of printing on customized materials or a full page printing, which makes printing work easier and more efficient.

    Electronic ball valve

    Unique electronic ball valves, tested for 100,000 times by the R & D department, is applied to control vacuuming area, making it easier to operate.

    Hard anodizing vacuuming platform

    It is applied to prevent scratches by hard materials.

    Imported double lead screw

    It is verified by a lot of destructive tests that high precision servo controlling system and double lead screw completely ensure ultra precision of mechanical transition, durability and stability.

    High performance grinding lead screw

    High speed mute grinding lead screw is equipped with high precision with 0.002mm, wear and tear resistance and high-precision position, as well as environmentally friendly.

    Self-researched cold drawn and high-strength aluminum beam

    Equipped with self-researched cold drawn and high-strength aluminum beam, applied ultra strength aerial aluminum material, and processed with imported CNC equipment, it ensures printing precision and stability, of which precision is 25% higher in the market.

    All steel frame structure

    All steel frame structure with 5mm tube wall, verified by a lot of destructive tests, is applied to ensure high strength, precision and stability.

    Rigid and flexible contact method

    The rigid and flexible contact method is applied on Y axis to ensure high precision and low noises, 35% lower compared the market.

    Ink supply shortage auto-alarm system

    Ink tank indicator lights will be on when ink is lower than one third of capacity, which ensures continuous printing work.

    Media thickness auto-detect system

    Equipped with media thickness auto-detect system, it ensures a smooth printing process with self adjustment.

    Professional RIP software

    Maxcan printers are equipped with professional color management UltraPrint, ensuring cutomer satisfaction.



    Model Type LL-2513GS-16H UV flatbed digital printer
    Print head type RICOH GEN5
    Print head quantity 16 pieces(4*4) or 12 pieces(4*3)
    Printing platform Vacuuming platform
    Media weight Max 100KG
    Printing precision 360dpi*600dpi, 360dpi*900dpi, 720dpi*1200dpi
    Printing mode Uni-directional and BI-directional
    Printing speed Draft mode: 124.5m²/h
    Standard mode: 94.3m²/h
    Quality mode: 73.6m²/h
    Print color CMYK、CMYKLcLm、Optional(White or varnish)
    RIP software ULTRA PRINT、RIP、photoprint、ONYX.
    Color control ICC based color, curves and density adjustment function
    File format Tiff,JPEG,EPS,PDF and more
    Interface USB3.0
    Printing size 2500mmX1300mm
    Printable media glass ,aluminum, plastic board, wood board, polystyrene board, leather, polyurethane,foam board, plastic sheet,
    metal sheet, textile, wallpaper, bricks, ceramic tiles and
    Media thickness 1-100mm
    Drive system AC high precision servo motor
    Power specification AC220V±5%  50HZ>20A
    Printer Dimension 4300X2195X1390mm
    Operational environment Temperature: 20°C-30°C (68-95°F);
    Humidity: 40-70 % RH

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